Kite Hill

Transparent photograph in light box; 150 x 460cm; Looped video installation, dimensions variable

kite hill web 1 26   2010-09-16 wilmer 3rd lightbox doc a comp_MG_8895 ADD FINAL 2

   ‘We celebrated last night. Thirty years since C made the wind-vane, and 350 since Isaac proved white light is composed of the colours of the spectrum…’

This work pays homage to physicist Sir Isaac Newton and video artist Chris Welsby by imagining their night-time meeting at the same spot -on London’s Hampstead Heath- where, three centuries apart, Newton learned to fly kites as a boy and Welsby created his perhaps best known work, Wind Vane.

kite hill web 2 27 a 2010 09 13 wilmer video install COMP_MG_8786 and 70 FLAT 

kite hill web 4 1 HD WindVane from 3 original from Welsby

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