Grief Tree

Wall text with photographs; sizes variable
Limited edition artist’s book; 30 pp.

Picture 052

Reported to be the most haunted site in Britain, the walled gardens of Ilford’s Valentines Mansion are animated at night by the ghosts of its former habitants and the playfulness of their living descendants…

grief web 2 altered

grief web 2015-01-27 00.44.40

2015-01-27 00.41.18

Picture 162

grief web 4 DON'T LOOK NOW (FOR JULIE CHRISTIE) from 2009 Img 283B B0488267 RCA print 50MB lightened for print plus saturation

grief web 5 1st choice A0488072 final BOOK SCREEN

Picture 114

grief web 5 DEATH OF THE MUSE 2009 Img 287 A0488127 final