Hokkaido Postcard

Printed texts and Lightjet photographs mounted on aluminium: texts each 20 x 29cm; photographs each 100 x 140cm: Edition of 5

Artist’s book: full colour: 34 pp: London, Juice Publishing: Edition of 50

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‘Thank you for the postcard!

Which side told the truth?

The words you wrote about each scene

or the picture used as ‘proof?’

A portmanteau of photographs, poems, dialogues, a crime report and fictional love letters, each authored by a cast of imagined characters. Hokkaido, Japan’s Northernmost prefecture, remains unvisited by most by these inhabitants of Kyoto, Tokyo and the American Mid West. But one fractious exchange between a widower and his recently deceased wife suggests Hokkaido might not be the romantic idyll the other characters imagine it to be…

A 4489643

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