Which bird are you?

As a subscriber, you will receive a signed, limited-edition A5 postcard print (see slideshow below) of your chosen bird:

You will also receive the following benefits:

Goldfinch StarlingBlue jayPhoenix
£10 pcm£25 pcm£40 pcm£50+pcm
Discount on cost of any JC artwork 10%15%20%Negotiable
Right to first purchase on all new editioned artworks   ✓             ✓
Right to view and purchase Chorus-only editions of JC books and films     ✓      ✓            ✓
Annual holiday gift: a limited-edition, Chorus-only JC print        ✓      ✓    ✓            ✓ 
Right to view and purchase Chorus-only JC artworks (drawings, photographs and prints)        ✓        ✓    ✓         ✓ 
Invitations to all Chorus open studio and special exhibition events*        ✓        ✓      ✓        ✓
Full access to Chorus-only sections of website**          ✓         ✓         ✓         ✓

*I hold at least two of these per year, which include complementary talk, food and drink

**This includes artwork, writing, my private blog and other material unavailable elsewhere

N.B. THIRD PARTY SALES: Where JC artworks are sold through commercial galleries or other third parties, subscriber discounts apply only to the production costs and JC’s profit margin. For instance, a gallery operating a standard 50/50 commission selling a £600 JC artwork with a production cost of £100 receives all of its £250 commission from the subscriber. The subscriber discount applies to the production cost and JC commission, in this case, for e.g. a blue jay subscriber, 20% of £350 = £70