One day’s paid voiceover work this September

I am offering a day’s paid work for actors / voiceover artists of South Asian origin in London this September.

I am making a short film version of my book, ‘Reversed Curses’, adding a voiceover of the different characters’ voices.

As the fiction is set near Delhi, the actors need to sound authentically from that region. But there is some leeway here as the details of the characters’ backgrounds, etc. are not specific. Actors who have grown up in the UK but have conceivably ‘North Indian’ accents would be perfect.

The text is written in rhyming iambic pentameter, so some classical experience might help. But is not essential, as I am expecting to direct the intonation and emphasis quite closely.

You can read about the project here:

The three characters I am looking for are listed below. The main two actors will play multiple parts (so, e.g. the same person will play Aarav and Reason).

The singing voices are just to give a rough guide of what I am looking for. There won’t be any actual singing!

1st actor: (1) Aarav and (2) Reason: male, aged approx. 60, tenor
2nd actor: (3) Krishna and his (4) avatars; (5) Brahma: (7) Carbonakalki: male, aged approx. 60, baritone
3rd actor: (6) Toxoplasma and (8) Saraswati , female, aged approx. 25-50, contralto

Please don’t worry about your actual age: if the voice sounds right to me, I will cast you, regardless of actual age.

The auditions would simply be for applicants to make a short voice recording and e-mail it to me ASAP as an MP3 file (please choose from the 3 options below).


Marrying her and then settling here:

my life’s cardinal, cardiac errors.

Only seeing it now aged fifty-nine,

through train-windows and old rear-view mirrors.

Or marrying her and then settling here:

this flood of love means your heart’s not alone.

Nursing it hard at that time in your life

when it bursts or it turns into stone.


And through your triumphs and schoolboy mistakes,

do not say, Aarav, you were not warned!

Each action echoes in my universe:

I’ll claim your Atman each time its reborn!

I am the oyster and I am the pearl,

the scroll on which all History unfurls:

now pastoressa and vegetable girl;

now become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds….


Your ‘Field’ is polluted my darling old man:

there’s something evil and blind in your blood.

Remember that ‘flu’ that you thought you had,

around the time of the Uttarkhand floods?

My name is toxoplasma gondii:

I’m in your veins like your friend nicotine.

I’m making you angry and deluded,

and right now there’s no hope of a vaccine…

With thanks,

Justin Coombes (Artist/Director)