Justin Coombes: JUICE’

Sluice HQ, 171 Morning Lane, Hackney Central, London, E9 6JY   WWW.SLUICE.INFO

This exhibition showcases the photo-text books that Justin Coombes has produced in recent years under his own publishing imprint, ‘Juice’. In addition, it presents two new  works in progress: the book Reversed Curses, and an accompanying short video work, The Psychosis of Reason.

Using combinations of his poems and photographs, Reversed Curses continues Coombes’s research into the capacities of photography and poetry to present fictional world views. We see the world from the viewpoint of Aarav, a white collar Indian office worker approaching retirement. His interior conversations, with his god Krishna and other voices, are told as a long sequence of lentos: a form of eight-line, rhyming verse. Reversed Curses questions religious faith, and how to lead a good life without it. Reflecting on those pertinent questions that Prince Arjuna fails to ask of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita (one of the central scriptures of Hinduism), Aarav runs over the text of the Gita in his head and takes issue with many of Krishna’s assertions. If Aarav loses his faith, how will he create meaning in his world? And if faith has cursed his life, how can he reverse the curse? As he banishes Krishna from his thoughts, Aarav finds that turning his back on the Hindu faith is more complicated than he had expected. Interior voices multiply, creating a contest for his identity, staged alongside a fast-changing backdrop of contemporary Northern India.

The Psychosis of Reason mixes the book’s 350-line poetic expression of Aarav’s internal dialogues with video footage inspired by the book’s still photographs. Both book and video will appeal to anyone that has ever experienced self-doubt or internal contradiction. We are all the products of multiple forces: to assimilate them and define our own identities is a central part of creating wider meaning in our lives

Sat 27th – Sun 28th October 2018, 1pm – 6pm each day

Special video screening and Justin Coombes in conversation with philosopher Federico Campagna, (author of Technic and Magic): Saturday 27th Oct, 6.00 – 7.30pm. Places are free and no need to RSVP but please arrive early to ensure a seat…

PS….  Apologies to anyone who was affected by the last minute cancellations of the previous two weekends’ events and exhibition. I was struck down with a bad illness but am on the mend sufficiently to run a reduced version of the show this weekend..